At Polish Linguists, we tailor our translation and proofreading services to the requirements of our clients’ projects and budgets.

Regardless the type of the service you choose, our final rate always includes:


Use of one or more skilled, qualified, and experienced Polish linguists


Careful editing by a second native-speaking proofreader



General formatting of the text based on the source document’s layout


Consistent terminology

Use of consistent terminology and appropriate writing style adapted to your sector 


Project management



File management

Our rates are agreed at the commencement of a specific project. At the client’s request, the same rates may apply to multiple translation and proofreading tasks. This solution streamlines the work process and help us focus on the assignment itself.

The main factor in determining the final price is the number of source words in the document. Unlike many Polish agencies, we do not usually charge our clients per standard page. This is a less objective method of calculating the price and for many reasons is not the internationally approved standard. To avoid ambiguity, we use international pricing methods.

Calculating the price based on source words has yet another advantage for our clients. Polish Linguists employs industry-best computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to improve efficiency and reduce the costs for our partners and end clients. How does it work? In short, you will pay less for repetitions in your text based on a tailored discount grid and calculation system.

CAT tools use translation memories, which leverage previous translations to improve the accuracy and consistency of subsequent projects. Unlike automatic translation machines (machine translations), which are unable to generate a quality product, computer-assisted translation systems help humans create high-quality texts. They serve as guardians of consistency, accuracy, and managed terminology, and ensure an error-free final product. For a good translator they are like a baton in the hands of a conductor or football boots for Messi. 

Do not hesitate! Let Polish Linguists do the job for you. Send us an e-mail and get a free quote.